DONEHOO'S Personal Devotional Thoughts

image Fred Donehoo was a Christian educator with MA, M Min, D Min and D Phil degrees. He had been recording his devotional thoughts and sharing them with friends for a number of years. They are now available on this site. Fred's interpretation and application of Scripture is solidly grounded in the written Word of God.


PICKERING'S Textual Criticism

image Wilbur N. Pickering is a Christian missionary in Brasilia, Brazil. He has a ThM and a PhD in Linguistics. Of those actively involved in textual criticism, no one holds a more radical view in defense of the inerrancy and objective authority of the Sacred Text. This includes the position that the precise original wording has been preserved to our day and that we can know what it is. Wilbur's workings consist of following the Greek threads working back through the original manuscripts with 100% accuracy of having found the wording of the original autographs.


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